Tuesday, September 1, 2009

All Broken Up

It's been so long since I've written, there are just not enough hours in the day. Even now I feel guilty for posting...

Bowen has fractured his arm in two places! We were having a lovely play at Lollipops with Robynne, Chloe and Aiden, when Bowen came over and said that he had 'broked his arm'. I kissed it better and sent him off to play. When it was time to take the boys home for a sleep about half an hour later, I found him wandering around looking for me, crying still. He said his arm was still sore, but I was told by two other mum's there that he would be crying much harder if he had really hurt himself, and that he probably just needed a sleep.

Putting him in the car was torture, as he screamed when I tried to put his arm in the strap, so I decided to trust my Mummy Instincts and take him to the doctor, with a quick stop off so Riordan could get a sleep at Nanny's (which he never ended up having). We were shuttled off to have an x-ray, and after contorting his little body around to get a good shot, they discovered that he had fractured two bones in his left arm, one above the elbow, and one below. The Dr Eric sent us off to Westmead Children's to get it seen to, and we waited for ages, not allowed to eat anything, just in case. I was a good Mum and didn't eat anything either, although I would have killed for anything edible by the end the time we were seen. Bowen got a back slab cast, and appoinment for 8am (!!!!) on Thursday to be seen at the fracture clinic, where they decide whether he needs a cast for six weeks, or nothing at all. I am voting for nothing, it's been so hard to keep this one dry. I'm also waiting for him to work out that it can be used as a weapon, watch out Riordan if it does happen!

I want to put a photo of him in his cast in, but they're on Facebook.

Will that work?


Averil said...

Poor Bowie!! Hope he feels better soon!!

Pooh to the other mums thinking kids are only really hurt when they really make a huge fuss! Bowen was very brave, good on your for trusting your instincts!

xx Ave

Samantha said...

Fingers crossed he doesn't have to have a cast for six weeks, I dread having to keep it clean and dry!

Penny said...

Ouch poor little thing!

He is SO handsome Sam. All your boys are actually!