Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Blame it on the rain

It has to be the weather.

When will my excuses stop? I constantly find myself trying to justify Bowen's bad behaviour.

He's tired. He can't be all the time!

He's teething. That has to stop now, his last two year old molar is through and I think's that it?

He's hungry. Eat son! It's not my fault you won't chow down on any of the delicious, healthy meal options I present to you, preferring to subsist on Vegemite and cheese sandwiches, with the odd bowl of Cheerios or biscuit for variety.He's hot.

He's cold. He wants to go for a walk. He wants to stay home. He's just Bowen!

I love him to death, but the two year old moods are really bringing me down. He's got a bit of a cold at the moment (there I go, excuses again!) and not feeling 100%, but why can't he be like a sick grown up and just chill out on the lounge watching TV and sleeping? I could even handle man-sick, that's a lounge bound sickness, but with more moaning. No, he's clingy, snotty, whiny toddler sick. The only good part is he sleeps for longer in the day...


Toilet Training Update

Toilet training is kind of happening. It would go much more smoothly if I didn't have to fight to get Bowen's nappy off him most of the time. He will have occasional flashes of brilliance, as he did on Saturday. It was a hot day, so he was running around with no clothes on, as we would all probably like to do when it's warm. Nan caught him starting to dribble from his old fella, and asked if he wanted a wee. Normally that's enough of a invitation for him to suck it back up for another hour, but this time he held on, trotted out to the grass, grabbed hold of his doodle and let rip! It was the cutest thing in the world, watching him watch himself wee. I was so proud, we all were, he got a resounding round of applause. Of course, seeing that praise was thick in the air, he grabbed my hand and dragged me over for a repeat performance. This time, however, I was in charge of doodle holding. I almost wet myself from trying to contain my laughter, he was so serious about the whole thing. He didn't do anything the second time, but I think we made a bit of a breakthrough, as I now know he likes to do it standing up. I'm going to get a Weeman to hang off the toilet so he can start going inside, instead of pretending that he's on a camping trip everyday!