Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm a Woman

Well, I'm a Woman. The painters are in, Aunt Flo has come to visit, it's Lady Week.

Just days short of Austin's 18 month anniversary of breasfeeding, my fertility has returned. In actual fact, I haven't had a period since the day before Bowen's 1st birthday, over 4 years ago. Before that, it was March 2005.

I think I've had a great run. I've been toying with the idea of contraception, not sure which way to go (the Pill, maybe a Mirena) but I wanted to get my period back, just to see when it would happen. To be honest, it's a bit sooner than I would have wanted!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Finding the time

I am finding it difficult to make enough time to do the vacuuming, let alone type a blog post, and I am most disgusted at how neglectful I've been.
Here is a quick recap to get the ball rolling again.


My gorgeous boy only has 3 more days of preschool left, before he is let loose to conquer Clairgate Public School. He is soooo excited, but I don't think the fact that he has to be there for 5 days a week has sunk in yet.
In a strange twist of fate, the only child of mine not in a modelling agency had a photoshoot for My Child magazine.

He looked an angel, and I couldn't be prouder. Check out your Summer issue of My Child to see his pic (don't buy it, it's like $8.95, who pays that for a magazine? OK, I may have bought one, but my baby is in it!).


My boy still looks like an angel, but, boy, does he act like a devil sometimes! He is mostly a loving, gorgeous little soul, my honey bunny, but poor Austin is still on the receiving end of way too many unwanted 'horsey rides'.


Where do I start with this beautiful creature I have made? He's my booby boy still, at 17 months. The week apart did nothing more than strengthen his resolve to hang onto his beloved 'boo'. The mere mention of boobies has him clamouring for my top, trying to gain access. Oh my God, I am feeding that mythical baby 'that asks for it'! Shouldn't I have stopped, way before this?

And finally, he sleeps! 13-14 hours straight! It's as though he is paying me back for all the sleepless nights I have been through for the last two years over him, both while pregnant and as a newborn.