Monday, September 28, 2009

The Results are in...

Last week: 60.1kgs

Today: 59.1kgs!

I'm stoked. Losing something has given me the motivation to keep going. It's surprising how quickly you can go back into healthy eating mode, for I am certainly not 'dieting'. There is plenty of food going into this belly, just less of the bad, albeit yummy, stuff.

I went to bed last night with this funny sense of anticipation about my weigh in this morning, and I realised when I got up that's it's the same feeling you have the night before you do a pregnancy test! How bizarre.

Friday, September 25, 2009

All About Austin!

I couldn't be more in love with my little man. He's just turned into such a happy little soul since he started sleeping properly.

A typical day goes something like this:

We wake up for the day at about 7.30, and my little man hangs out in his swing, or on the floor, while I get the tribe fed and dressed. He usually only lasts about an hour, if that, before he's ready for another sleep. I am starting to get at least an hour and a half out of him for that sleep, it gives me lots of time to get things tidied up and organised!

When he wakes, it's feed time, which are getting nice and quick now. Of course, with my fire hose of a let down, he only needs to lay back and open his mouth to get a belly full! We often then go for a walk and if he doesn't go to sleep in the pram, he normally does when he gets home.

Another couple of sleeps, with feeds and play in between, and then it's usually time for bed! He's getting in there between 7.30 and 8.30, not optimal, but I haven't really started working on night sleeps and bed yet. He will wake at about 10.30, and from then it's into bed with me and Daddy and constant feeding until it's time to wake up...

He managed to be awake in time to go to the Community nurse yesterday. He weighed a whopping 6.82kgs at 11 weeks, and that was with a disposable nappy. He's almost doubled his birth weight already. Must be all that milk through the night! I got her to take a look at his eyes, as his lower eyelids sort of turn in. They've always been like it, but now his lashes are starting to rub on his eyes. She hadn't seen it before, and told us to go to the GP. We only waited 10 minutes (wonders will never cease) and saw a lovely new GP, Dr Reddy. She's only about my age, and has 3 year old twins. Anyhoo, she'd never seen it in babies, and referred us to our Paed, who we are seeing on the 20th of October. I thought it would just be annoying for him, but I hadn't thought about the lashes causing scar tissue on his eyes. I'm sure everything will be fine.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Musical Beds

The bunk beds are in, they look awesome, and now it's time to try and get Riordy boy to sleep in it.

It's not going well.

Darren's idea was to put him to bed in the cot, and move him over to the bed when he was asleep. We did this Saturday and Sunday nights, with moderate success. He's waking a lot earlier, and getting Bowen up with him, but they both slept through the night.

Monday night we decided to put Riordan to bed in the new bunk. We left the door open (Riordan normally sleeps with his shut), and we discovered that he is our little wanderer. We kicked back and watched Top Gear, when who should appear but a little figure in blue PJ's, dashing across the lounge room. He just walked in, said "Hello" and walked back out! Very funny, but not 5 times. After they had trashed their bedroom (I should mention that Bowen didn't get out of bed once, he must have been directing procedures from his lofty position in the top bunk), we gave up and put him to bed in the cot. I moved him when I went to bed, only to have Bowen wake them both at 4am, and while Daz was getting some medicine for him, Riordan came in and said "Hello Mum" and climbed into bed with me! Darren gave up and stayed awake, while Riordan and I didn't go back to sleep until 6.30, and were up at 7.15! He's not a co-sleeper that one.

Last night I thought I would keep him in his cot all night to give us all a rest, but things didn't go to plan. He woke at 10.20, I don't know if he fell out of bed or what, but I put his mattress on the floor, just in case, and settled him back to sleep. He woke again at 1.30am, Darren went in this time, and next thing I know I have a sobbing toddler clinging to me in my bed. I found out that he had taken his pants and nappy on, and was under his cot when Daz went in! I managed to put him back in the big bed, and they were up at sparrow fart again this morning.

Tonight Riordan is in his cot, all night!

Austin still is sleeping well in the days. He is managing a two hour sleep, a couple of times a day, and resettling himself wonderfully. Today was a bit disjointed, and he was a bit unsettled tonight because of it. If only I could keep him in his hammock for a bit longer, my poor boobs are so tired!

Weighty Issues

I weighed myself last week. I was 60.1kgs. Not too bad for 10 weeks post partum.

This Monday I got on the scales, and promised myself that if I hadn't lost weight I would start properly eating this week. I was 60.1kgs! I hadn't lost a gram! I've been great this week, although I went off the rails a bit today and had a chocolate muffin (98% fat free, but with extra choc chips) as well as my mint slice. There are no more mint slices though, so I won't buy any more now. I just have to stop eating like I'm pregnant. I'll update again next week. I will fit into my favourite jeans again!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Recording for posterity...This is how a baby is supposed to sleep!

It may never happen again, so here is a breakdown of the awesome day that Austin had yesterday.

He slept quite well, for him. Only about 3 feeds through the night, and he actually spent some time sleeping out of my arms, which I think is great progress. He stayed in bed while I had breakfast, then had a nice bath and a feed, and was back to bed. He stayed asleep for over an hour and a half! We missed going to see the community nurse and everything, but I wasn't waking him up for anything!

He finally woke all happy and smiley, and we went for a walk. He had a bit of a play, another feed, and it was back to bed. For almost 3 hours! I forgot what he looked like by the time he woke up. My very full boobs were relieved, and then he had a play with Dad, and back to bed again. Just a short sleep this time, but he'd had more sleep by that time than he would usually in his four or so sleeps a day.

He was lovely and happy last night. I put him to bed at about 8pm, and he settled himself off to sleep with nary a peep. It was like I had a different baby yesterday! I can already hear that he has woken from his sleep from this morning (a big 45 minutes), so it looks like yesterday was definitely a once off! I tried to replicate the circumstances from yesterday, same wrap, blinds and window open, but it obviously hasn't worked.

The warm weather must agree with him. Bring on Summer!

Ooh, ooh. Have to add this, he WAS awake, but put himself back to sleep! It's been 1 1/2 hours in total now, maybe more, I'm not really a clock watcher.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sammy's First Tag

Thanks Ave for my first tag!

What is your current obsession? Tidiness. I'm trying to avoid the big weekly clean up, usually on a Monday after a hectic weekend (how do husbands create more mess? All his toys live in the shed!) by trying to clean as I go. It's sort of working.

What are you wearing today? A charcoal grey singlet, a black cotton, long-line cardi with black leggings.

What’s for dinner? A chicken mini roast, and vegies.

What’s the last thing you bought? Groceries. Bo-oring!

What are you listening to right now? The humming of the aquarium filter, my faithful white baby's breathing as she lays next to me on the couch.

If you could go anywhere in the next hour, where would you go? To bed, by myself! Sorry Austin, Mummy would love to have a good stretch out!

Which language do you want to learn? French. It just sounds cool.

What do you love most about where you currently live? It's close to my family, and all I need is within walking distance.

What is your favourite colour? Pink.

What is your favorite piece of clothing in your own wardrobe? That's like picking a favourite child! Hmm, if it's one thing I can't live without, it's my Ugg boots.

Describe your personal style? Easy going casual.

If you had $300 now, what would you spend it on? On anything? Maybe a cleaner to come in and do my bathroom, or a babysitter so I could do it myself!

What are you going to do after this? Put Riordan to bed, and have a surf on the web while eating a chocolate muffin.

What are your favourite films? I can't go past anything with Hugh Grant, made by Working Title. Sadly enough.

Do you collect anything? Only children at this point, but my collecting days of those are finished!

What makes you follow a blog? I'm a bit of voyeur, and I love reading about other people kids, as well as their mummies.

Do you like to comment on blogs or just lurk? I don't really follow that many, but I do try and comment when I can.

What’s one thing you dream of doing? I have so many... and can't think of one now!

What is your biggest regret? I try not to have them, but I guess not staying overseas when I was living there, and giving it a better go.

What is your favourite thing to do on a rainy day? Sit in the warm and read a good book.

Do you have a tattoo? Four. All discreetly hidden, save for the Japanese symbol for "Father" on my left foot.

What are you favourite books? Whatever I am reading at the time. I am a total book tart. I'll read anything, and don't have a standout favourite.

Describe your ideal holiday... The US with my family, cruising coast to coast in a 40ft Winnebago, taking as long as we want.

Phew, that was a marathon. Enjoy!

What's been going on...

I'm sitting here on the lounge, loving myself stupid being on the internet and comfy, at the same time! Here's what's been happening over the past few days...

We managed to get to Westmead on time for Bowen's appointment at the fracture clinic, only noone told me that everyone's appointment was at 8am! So we waited and waited, ate all the food that I had brought, and waited some more. We were called in, but I realised that in all the effort to get ready, I had forgotten his x-rays, so off we trotted to get some more. Everything looked the same, so Bowen is in plaster for another 3 weeks, and we get to do it all again to take it off! The boys were excellantly behaved, considering, and Mum ended up driving in to get Riordan when we didn't know what time we would be home.

It was a good thing that Riordy got picked up, because it let me do the couple of extra errands I had in mind (thinking that I would be out of the hospital by 9am or something, wasn't I naive?). We went to Auburn and ordered the boy's bunk beds, in readiness for them to share, and for Austin to have his own room. We got these ones:, only with no drawers, and in a stain, not colour. I'm so excited, I just wonder how Riordan is going to go in a big bed.

We also dropped past the travel agent on the way home, and booked our family holiday for next year. We are going on cruise with Darren's brother, his wife and their kids around the Whitsundays next September.

Yesterday was just as fun, I bought my new toy! Why haven't we gotten a laptop earlier?

Today was pretty normal, but with one huge breakthrough, my little man did a poo on the potty! He did a little nugget earlier today for Mum, but tonight he started calling out for me, hunched over, saying he had to poo. We've had many false alarms, but you just never know, so we ran for the toilet. He didn't go on the actual loo, so we got out his little white potty, and he just went! I was so proud, I practically yelled the house down. I woke up the baby! He's not two for another month, if I get my act together, he'll be trained in no time at all. I've been a bit slack with it all, but he really is ready, and I'd be silly to hold him back now. The less nappies I have to wash, the better!

I'm Mobile!

Check me out! I'm blogging on my new laptop, wirelessly!

It's only taken me up until now to get with the technology, there's no stopping me now!

Heaps of stuff to catch up on, but a baby boy of mine is awake and not happy about it, so maybe I can finish this on the lounge later...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Step Back in Time

Check out my baby boy.

About the only thing I love about having a winter baby is the fact that I can dress him up in all the knitted cardies that Bowen and Riordan received as presents, but never got to wear. Hanging out in his bouncer (I had the same one, except mine was navy blue with white fringing!), in his cardigan and booties courtesy of Nanny Emma (my sister's lovely mother-in-law) he looks like a throw back from 1975. He could be my brother instead of my son!

I'm getting my colours done today. Sounds a bit 'old' for me, but Mum was getting them done, so I asked for it as my birthday present. I would just like to be told what colours suit me. I am scared of bright colours, and would stick to my monochrome wardrobe forever, but if a bright shade would make me look like I haven't been up all night with an infant, I am happy to wear it! I may end up a whole new woman...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

All Broken Up

It's been so long since I've written, there are just not enough hours in the day. Even now I feel guilty for posting...

Bowen has fractured his arm in two places! We were having a lovely play at Lollipops with Robynne, Chloe and Aiden, when Bowen came over and said that he had 'broked his arm'. I kissed it better and sent him off to play. When it was time to take the boys home for a sleep about half an hour later, I found him wandering around looking for me, crying still. He said his arm was still sore, but I was told by two other mum's there that he would be crying much harder if he had really hurt himself, and that he probably just needed a sleep.

Putting him in the car was torture, as he screamed when I tried to put his arm in the strap, so I decided to trust my Mummy Instincts and take him to the doctor, with a quick stop off so Riordan could get a sleep at Nanny's (which he never ended up having). We were shuttled off to have an x-ray, and after contorting his little body around to get a good shot, they discovered that he had fractured two bones in his left arm, one above the elbow, and one below. The Dr Eric sent us off to Westmead Children's to get it seen to, and we waited for ages, not allowed to eat anything, just in case. I was a good Mum and didn't eat anything either, although I would have killed for anything edible by the end the time we were seen. Bowen got a back slab cast, and appoinment for 8am (!!!!) on Thursday to be seen at the fracture clinic, where they decide whether he needs a cast for six weeks, or nothing at all. I am voting for nothing, it's been so hard to keep this one dry. I'm also waiting for him to work out that it can be used as a weapon, watch out Riordan if it does happen!

I want to put a photo of him in his cast in, but they're on Facebook.

Will that work?