Friday, September 18, 2009

Recording for posterity...This is how a baby is supposed to sleep!

It may never happen again, so here is a breakdown of the awesome day that Austin had yesterday.

He slept quite well, for him. Only about 3 feeds through the night, and he actually spent some time sleeping out of my arms, which I think is great progress. He stayed in bed while I had breakfast, then had a nice bath and a feed, and was back to bed. He stayed asleep for over an hour and a half! We missed going to see the community nurse and everything, but I wasn't waking him up for anything!

He finally woke all happy and smiley, and we went for a walk. He had a bit of a play, another feed, and it was back to bed. For almost 3 hours! I forgot what he looked like by the time he woke up. My very full boobs were relieved, and then he had a play with Dad, and back to bed again. Just a short sleep this time, but he'd had more sleep by that time than he would usually in his four or so sleeps a day.

He was lovely and happy last night. I put him to bed at about 8pm, and he settled himself off to sleep with nary a peep. It was like I had a different baby yesterday! I can already hear that he has woken from his sleep from this morning (a big 45 minutes), so it looks like yesterday was definitely a once off! I tried to replicate the circumstances from yesterday, same wrap, blinds and window open, but it obviously hasn't worked.

The warm weather must agree with him. Bring on Summer!

Ooh, ooh. Have to add this, he WAS awake, but put himself back to sleep! It's been 1 1/2 hours in total now, maybe more, I'm not really a clock watcher.

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