Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Musical Beds

The bunk beds are in, they look awesome, and now it's time to try and get Riordy boy to sleep in it.

It's not going well.

Darren's idea was to put him to bed in the cot, and move him over to the bed when he was asleep. We did this Saturday and Sunday nights, with moderate success. He's waking a lot earlier, and getting Bowen up with him, but they both slept through the night.

Monday night we decided to put Riordan to bed in the new bunk. We left the door open (Riordan normally sleeps with his shut), and we discovered that he is our little wanderer. We kicked back and watched Top Gear, when who should appear but a little figure in blue PJ's, dashing across the lounge room. He just walked in, said "Hello" and walked back out! Very funny, but not 5 times. After they had trashed their bedroom (I should mention that Bowen didn't get out of bed once, he must have been directing procedures from his lofty position in the top bunk), we gave up and put him to bed in the cot. I moved him when I went to bed, only to have Bowen wake them both at 4am, and while Daz was getting some medicine for him, Riordan came in and said "Hello Mum" and climbed into bed with me! Darren gave up and stayed awake, while Riordan and I didn't go back to sleep until 6.30, and were up at 7.15! He's not a co-sleeper that one.

Last night I thought I would keep him in his cot all night to give us all a rest, but things didn't go to plan. He woke at 10.20, I don't know if he fell out of bed or what, but I put his mattress on the floor, just in case, and settled him back to sleep. He woke again at 1.30am, Darren went in this time, and next thing I know I have a sobbing toddler clinging to me in my bed. I found out that he had taken his pants and nappy on, and was under his cot when Daz went in! I managed to put him back in the big bed, and they were up at sparrow fart again this morning.

Tonight Riordan is in his cot, all night!

Austin still is sleeping well in the days. He is managing a two hour sleep, a couple of times a day, and resettling himself wonderfully. Today was a bit disjointed, and he was a bit unsettled tonight because of it. If only I could keep him in his hammock for a bit longer, my poor boobs are so tired!

Weighty Issues

I weighed myself last week. I was 60.1kgs. Not too bad for 10 weeks post partum.

This Monday I got on the scales, and promised myself that if I hadn't lost weight I would start properly eating this week. I was 60.1kgs! I hadn't lost a gram! I've been great this week, although I went off the rails a bit today and had a chocolate muffin (98% fat free, but with extra choc chips) as well as my mint slice. There are no more mint slices though, so I won't buy any more now. I just have to stop eating like I'm pregnant. I'll update again next week. I will fit into my favourite jeans again!

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