Thursday, November 26, 2009

Monday, November 23, 2009

Boxing it up

Boxes! Boxes everywhere!

We are still in the throes of moving house. We settle on this house next Friday, and there is still heaps to do. Packing is a bit of a conundrum, you obviously need your things, or you wouldn't have them, but you can't pack everything on the last day! I'm really lucky that my mum lives so close, and she basically has one of everything I have, so I don't have to go without.

I can't wait to move! It's a bit of a pain that it all happens over Christmas. At this point, within a week, we have Bowen's 4th birthday, moving in and then Christmas, all in one week. We have decided to buck tradition with Christmas dinner, and instead of our usual roast meat extravaganza, we are going to let someone else do the cooking and go out to a restaurant. Finding somewhere that my sister can eat is proving a little difficult (she's a coeliac), but it'll work out.

I am finally going to do something about Austin's sleeping. It is still going downhill (even though I didn't think that hill had anything left to go down!). I've packed up the hammock (that made me a bit sad), and he now has his day sleeps in the middle of our bed. Not ideal, but it's only for another week and a bit, so it will be fine. I read all about Peke Moe sleep sacks ( on EB, and thought I would give one a try. Not the most patient person in the world, I ended up making one myself out of some double muslin from Spotlight, and it's been working quite well. Austi can settle himself in it, and suck his hands to his heart's content. I finally received the two that I bought second hand, and, while I got the sizing a bit big on my homemade jobbies, I did a pretty good job! I can't wait to try him in the proper one, to see if the smaller version helps him sleep.

I've also taken the plunge and asked for a referral to Tresillian. I love sleeping with my little man, but the constant feeding, all night long, is taking too much out of me. I can't break the cycle by myself, so I'm going to get some help. It might take a bit to coordinate the boys, but it should be worth it. I'm sort of hoping that giving my baby his own room (well, annex) in the new house will help him to sleep better. I swear we wake each other up.

I've also gotten my acceptance into my conveyancing course. I'm so excited by the idea of studying, of actually making time for it. I might not be able to stop when I start!

Monday, November 16, 2009

My favourite photo

Ok, so it's not the best quality, but this photo of my four boys shows their personalities beautifully!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Movin' On

Hooray! Guess who sold their house? First day, no less.

I can't blame anyone for wanting it, I would have bought it myself. It did look immaculate, I have to say. Darren worked like a slave on the yard, moving and getting rid of leaves, while on nightshift, and I cleaned until the inside was spick and span. It looked spookily like no one lived here, so devoid of kiddie stuff and the useless junk that just accumulates.

Knowing that we would never be able to maintain that level of cleanliness with 3 kids, 2 dogs and 2 messy adults, we decamped to Mum's for the night. I went down to check the house the next morning, just to make to that no one had come in and changed anything. It didn't look quite right, and a quick phone call to Darren confirmed that he had been in the night before and touched a few things. That's how clean and tidy I left it, one thing out of place and I instantly saw!

I laid out the biccies and slice that I made for the prospective buyers, and off we went to Luna Park. We had a great day, although I constantly checked my phone for updates. Finally, on our way home, we had the call. They tried their hardest, but they could only get the keenest buyer to go up to exactly what we were prepared to sell for! It obviously didn't take much for us to say yes.

So now we've had the pest and building inspections, they were perfect, and we just wait until the buyers pay the deposit tomorrow, and then it's all systems go! We will settle on this house just before Christmas, and the new house has a settlement date of 27th of January, so we are going to try and push that sooner. Either way, we had our last Christmas in the house where all our babies were born last year, and we didn't even know.

I am feeling quite nostalgic at the thought of leaving my little house, and then I get all excited about the new one, planning alterations, landscaping, where the furniture will go...


My littlest man, and biggest man, had their needles today. Bowen was an afterthought, I hate going to the GP and waiting around, so I thought getting it all done at once would be the best. When I informed Bowen what was happening, he told me, "I don't need any noodles!" Austin went first, so when he saw him crying he knew what he was in for. Needless to say, it was a great crying session. His pick from the bakery (jam tart) calmed him down, and after lunch he told me that he was all better.

I'm pretty stoical when it comes to getting immunisations. They have to be done, they will hurt, and it won't be nice. Bowen's upset me the most today though, I think because he knew what was coming, and before this, when he was younger, it was all a surprise.

He doesn't have to worry about any more though, for a while at least. And, on the plus side, he gets to see his little brothers have them when he doesn't need them, which must be fun for the big brother!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Four Months Today!

I can't believe my gorgeous little one is already four months old!

Here are a couple of long overdue pics of him:

Monday, November 2, 2009

Call of the Blog

My blog, she is calling me! It's been too long, and as much as I would like to kick back and watch TV (with the remote all mine since Darren is on nights. What am I saying? The remote is always mine!), I can't help but want to write an entry.

Here is an update on the boys.


Bowen is growing up to be the most gentle, sensitive little boy. He is eager to get older, every morning he wakes up and asks if he is four yet. I think he is after the presents! According to preschool he is entirely on track with his development school-wise, he knows his numbers, and is slowly learning his alphabet. He is only just starting to get an interest in it, but his teachers assure me that that is totally normal. He has a memory like an elephant, constantly reminding me of things I would rather he forget (bribes, for example!) and things he has done. We went to Forster to visit the in-laws in January, and yet he still talks about the boat, and the beach, and can't wait to go back again.

I am a bit worried his sensitive nature might cause him some problems at big school, and make him a target for bullies. We are hoping that Karate will help him gain some confidence, he's a blue belt already, and I tell him how special and important he is all the time.


Riordan is Jekyll and Hyde at the moment. One second he is an absolute joy, affectionate, cuddly, covering me in kisses. The next he is biting his brother ("Bite you") and having a hissy fit on the floor. He's the typical toddler that I missed out on with his older brother. He still looks like an angel, his big blue eyes and gently curling, blonde hair just bewitch everyone. He has an impish look in his eye all the time, and you can just see him plotting his next adventure.

He adores his brothers, but I think that he finds it hard to express his emotions in a way that is pleasant for everyone. He'll drown Bowen in cuddles and kisses, and then the next moment sink his teeth in. He's the same with Austin, I truly thought that after four months the novelty of having a baby brother would have worn off, but he still thinks he is the best thing ever. It's a constant battle for me to keep him from hurting Austi with his love, and any time that the baby is left alone, in Riordy's reach, he's all over him. I wonder if he'll feel the same when he starts to crawl, and pinches all his toys!

Riordan is right on track with his development. He is really starting to talk so other people can understand him, and is stringing words together. He's Mr Independent, and always going to the fridge to try and pour his own milk! Toilet training is coming along, I'm still taking it slowly, we haven't seriously ventured anywhere with just undies on, but at home he will use the potty or go outside. Mum manages to get him to poo in the toilet, but I haven't had a success with that for ages. He will hold his poo until he gets a nappy on, and if you ask him while he's going, he just gets grumpy at you. I can hardly rip the nappy off and force him onto the potty, so we'll just wait.


Ahhh. He's just gorgeous. He is big and happy and just beautiful. I have to say, I really would prefer it if he slept some more. The great day sleeps we were getting have disappeared and he's never slept more than 2 hours straight at night. I'm almost at my wit's end, but for someone who basically has a baby attached to her nipple for at least 8 hours a night, I am reasonably rested. I've been trying to deal with his sleep issues, but the size of our house, and the fact that I have two other children who need to do things, and hence have to have their little brother woken all the time, do nothing but hinder me. The poor soul barely gets to sleep before I have to wake him to pick someone up, or take someone somewhere. No wonder he's forgotten how to sleep. I don't know whether I want to go to someone external for help, or to plug along until we move house and things settle down.

Developmentally he's right on target. He's putting on tonnes of weight still, is smiley and almost laughing, holds his head up really well, and is rolling onto his side. He loves his boob and is thriving on it, hates dummies, no matter how hard I try to get some relief for my poor nipples, and is yet to really have a bottle. Apart from the sleeping, he's the perfect baby!

Everything else

I am doing fine. I still feel jubbly around the belly, but I bought a pair of size 9 jeans on Saturday, so I can't be doing too bad. I also got a heavenly dress for my sister's wedding, I'm a bridesmaid but we didn't want something too 'bridesmaidy', if you know what I mean, so we bought these divine blue dresses, halter neck with floaty ruffles on the skirt. It really suits the beach setting, and make both I and the other bridesmaid look hot! I just wish I could wear it to my work Christmas party. I've also sent away my application to study next year. I've decided not to do teaching (not sure I already mentioned that) and am going to do conveyancing by distance instead. Mum will still do her half days, and then have the boys for a couple of hours of an afternoon while I study. I am really looking forward to it.

The cooling off period for our house finally finished today, we settle on the 27th of January. It seems like forever away, but we still have to sell our house, so the further away the better. We have our Property Launch this Saturday, and the other recent ones have been going really well, so we are hoping ours will too. We are going to Luna Park for the day (work kids Christmas Party), so at least I will have a distraction.

Phew, that makes me feel a little better. I really need to post some photos (I have some gorgeous ones trapped on my phone), but I promise to do that soon.