Wednesday, February 29, 2012

17 weeks today

Wow, 17 weeks today.  Time sure flies when you are accidently pregnant and miserable. 

Actually, I am feeling less miserable as the days go on.  Perhaps my hormones are starting to regulate themselves, or I've come to terms with #4 a bit more, or maybe just getting rid of my sinus infection with some much-needed antibiotics has evened out my temper somewhat.  I can't believe how moody I am.  I'm surprised I have any friends, and that my relatives are still talking to me!

I'm not feeling my little one very much yet.  I think I've had a couple of pokes, but I have an anterior placenta that is creating a comfy pillow for the baby, but buffering any potential kicks. It's a bit of a bummer, but they'll soon come thick and fast and I'll be wishing for the bubba to fall asleep so I can get a rest from the internal tummy soccer.

On the outside, the boys are doing well.  OK, so Austin has started pooing his pants again, and bit a child at preschool the other day.  That I didn't see coming.  Riordan was a biter, but Bowen was the only one who was on the receiving end.  Austin is a very angry little boy lately, and it appears he is taking out his frustrations orally.  Riordan grew out of it, but I can't have my little man biting random kids at school.  Being the third of three boys can't be easy, there is so much testosterone swirling around the air I can see it sometimes, but it's no excuse for munching on people.  It's hard for me to reconcile the person he is at preschool with the little boy who still insists on his boobie before bed. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

There can't possibly be a baby in there.

Nearly 15 weeks into this baby-making business, and I still can't quite imagine my life with another child.  Darren is going away lots with work, he was away all last week (only coming home to annoy me on the weekend) and left this morning until Friday.  It's just me and the boys, and it's all a bit much while I'm growing #4.  I've never been so tired, I have an enormous belly that HURTS all the time.  It's so sensitive and achy.  Everything else aches too. 

Where will I find the time to fit the new one in?  I think I'll be breastfeeding while I am walking to school. 

I know that I've been spoilt by having my mum so readily available, and her working full-time is a big adjustment for me (and her, hence her actually considering retirement, but for how long is any one's guess).  My life is one big sook. 

Added to all of this is the fact that my house is falling apart around me!  We knew that moving into a 30 year old, unrenovated house was going to require some work, but this poor old this is not used to three active boys.  Among other little, trifling things, the middle rail of the banister has fallen off (due, in no small part, to having little feet climbing on it all day).  I am just waiting for someone to plunge off the side of the stairs.  It's come in quite useful to the boys and they just jump through it instead of climbing to the bottom! 

My oven also died.  I am a HUGE baker.  I adore it.  The kids are starting to really like eating my cooking (finally) and just as I was starting to find some yummy recipes for school lunchboxes, my five cent oven from eBay gives up the ghost.  It did it in a dramatic way, befitting it's final exit, by creating a huge flare and then quietly smouldering into death.  I think it's time to spend some money and get a new kitchen.  A kitchen, however, necessitates removing a wall, replacing floor coverings, repairing roofs...not straight forward at all!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

There's a baby in there!

My 12 week scan went off without a hitch.  There is a lovely little baby kicking around in there.  It still amazes me that something so tiny has all it's working bits.  We saw 2 little arms and hands; 2 kicking feet and legs; a rapidly beating heart; the tiny bladder; all the good bits.  The doctor doing the scan also had a guess at the sex of the baby, which was exciting.  I only have to wait 6 more weeks to confirm it!

I always thought that if I did have this last baby (back in the days where I was 'planning' it, rather than having it sprung on me in the manner it did) I would keep the gender a surprise.  It would also be the perfect ending to this 'surprise' pregnancy. 

I can't wait though.  The practical part of me knows a boy would be the best fit for our family.  He'd slip right in with uber-male Daddy and his testosterone filled brothers, and be out riding a dirt bike before he could walk.  The other part of me would love a little girl.  I'm still not entirely sure why.  Just 'cause.

Hey baby!