Saturday, September 5, 2009

What's been going on...

I'm sitting here on the lounge, loving myself stupid being on the internet and comfy, at the same time! Here's what's been happening over the past few days...

We managed to get to Westmead on time for Bowen's appointment at the fracture clinic, only noone told me that everyone's appointment was at 8am! So we waited and waited, ate all the food that I had brought, and waited some more. We were called in, but I realised that in all the effort to get ready, I had forgotten his x-rays, so off we trotted to get some more. Everything looked the same, so Bowen is in plaster for another 3 weeks, and we get to do it all again to take it off! The boys were excellantly behaved, considering, and Mum ended up driving in to get Riordan when we didn't know what time we would be home.

It was a good thing that Riordy got picked up, because it let me do the couple of extra errands I had in mind (thinking that I would be out of the hospital by 9am or something, wasn't I naive?). We went to Auburn and ordered the boy's bunk beds, in readiness for them to share, and for Austin to have his own room. We got these ones:, only with no drawers, and in a stain, not colour. I'm so excited, I just wonder how Riordan is going to go in a big bed.

We also dropped past the travel agent on the way home, and booked our family holiday for next year. We are going on cruise with Darren's brother, his wife and their kids around the Whitsundays next September.

Yesterday was just as fun, I bought my new toy! Why haven't we gotten a laptop earlier?

Today was pretty normal, but with one huge breakthrough, my little man did a poo on the potty! He did a little nugget earlier today for Mum, but tonight he started calling out for me, hunched over, saying he had to poo. We've had many false alarms, but you just never know, so we ran for the toilet. He didn't go on the actual loo, so we got out his little white potty, and he just went! I was so proud, I practically yelled the house down. I woke up the baby! He's not two for another month, if I get my act together, he'll be trained in no time at all. I've been a bit slack with it all, but he really is ready, and I'd be silly to hold him back now. The less nappies I have to wash, the better!

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