Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Quick Update

I am feeling the compulsion to blog, even though my house looks like a tip, and I am drowning in ironing. Just a quick one to take the edge off, LOL!


Our baby boy is doing just fine. His 6 week check up is this Thursday (I can't believe he's already six weeks, I think I missed the whole month of July while I was in a breastfeeding newborn daze). I only made the appointment on Monday, if he was my first I would have been on the phone to the Centre as soon as he ticked over 3 weeks! Ah, the forgotten third child...

He's still not a great sleeper, and the dummy that I so agonised over giving him, before finally relenting, is so often spat out and ignored that I wonder if I should even bother with it. I usually just give it when he's crying between feeds and I'm up to my neck in something and can't get a boob out, or when he's with his grandparents, or Darren, as they are obviously lacking in the right gear to make him happy.


Riordy-boy is a little gem. He's 1 going on 5. In just 6 weeks he'll be 2, and I'll only have one baby left. One is plenty though! Verbally, he's improving, he's learning new words all the time and repeats everything you say. He still likes his own little sign language, but I can't see that lasting too much longer. Toilet training is on pause until the weather warms up, but we get him to wee as often as possible, and he's very accommodating with this. He's starting to get his poo sensation working too. He and Bowen were in the bath last night, and he must have felt one coming one, so he got out and grabbed his foot stool. I watched him squat down beside it, and he caught me staring so he shooed me away. I hid, and when I turned around he was climbing back in the bath with a big log hanging out of his bum! That ended bath time quite prematurely! It did tell me a couple of things; he knows when he's got to move his bowels (or he would have just pooed in the bath); he likes to do it in private (by not wanting me to watch), and; he can move like a little monkey when he wants to!


Bowen is still Bowen. A bit reserved, especially compared to his brother, and very sensitive. He's turned into a typical first-born bossy-boots (coming from someone who knows all about it!). It's Bowen's way or the highway at the moment. I try to negotiate (I've been bribing way too much lately) but he generally doesn't want to listen. Last night he wanted to do something (I can't even remember what), and when he was told he couldn't, he slammed his little fist into the kitchen cabinet, and stomped off towards his room. Luckily my pelvic floor muscles are still in good shape, or I would have wet myself laughing. Such an adult move from a little boy, although it's not something his father and I do, so who knows where he got it from? I wish I could have filmed it...


I am a bit down about my post baby body. I don't have a big saggy belly or anything, but it's still a pot, and I have these hideous love handles. My breasts don't even belong on my body, they look all out of proportion. I know that I need to do more exercise, but it's really hard to fit it in with the three, especially as I only have a double pram. I have to buy a skate board for it, and then maybe I can walk at my pace instead of the snail's pace that Bowen sets. Just another thing on the list that never ends...

On a happy note, my little sister is finally getting married. She and Joe have been together for nine years (longer than Darren and I), and the big day has been set for the 27th of February, 2010. I get to be a bridesmaid, my first time ever! I'm hoping they are getting married so they can finally have some kids, and my boys get some cousins to play with. The wedding is on the beach, so it will be lovely.

I've also taken the first step to going back to Uni next year. I've booked myself in for a talk on my chosen study path (Primary Teaching), so hopefully after Sunday week I'll have a better idea of what's going on.

****Note**** This entry has taken me about an hour to write, with constant trips back and forth to bounce the baby back to sleep (or 'fake sleep'). Ahh, why won't he sleep? Darren had the idea last night that he might not like being wrapped (what parent hasn't asked themselves if that is the reason their baby isn't sleeping?) so I tried him au natural last night. Not a raving success, so he'll be snug in his Swaddleme tonight, in my arms nonetheless!

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Averil said...

Great update on your gorgeous fellas!

Primary school teaching huh?! Good on YOU!

xxx Ave