Thursday, August 6, 2009

What about me?


Will I ever get a chance to write an entry? If I'm not bouncing the hammock for my boob-loving baby, who would rather have a nipple in his mouth to sleep than a dummy, my mental 22 month old (who should be banned from all further McDonald's trips) wakes up early from a much needed sleep.

Austin was awake every hour last night from 12am. I don't know what I would do if he didn't love his booby so much. Each time he stirred I just popped a breast in his face and he did the rest. Happily, he's much better at attaching himself in the dark now. Was he too hot? Was he uncomfortable with his all-nighter nappy on? Speaking of which, I am so over cloth at night for both of them. How does a 4 week old soak through a Baby Beehinds Bamboo nappy with a wool cover? I can't boost it up any more, his legs wouldn't even be in the same room there would be so much nappy between them. Don't even get me started on Riordan's night time wee efforts. I gave up there a long time ago. I would much rather whack a Huggies on them and wake up to a sweet smelling baby with dry clothes than a pongy, wet, ammonia stinking one, plus more washing. One 'sposie a day doesn't make me a traitor, does it? I think Darren is about at the end of his tether. I would be too if I had to get up at 6 after the night we just had. I got to sleep until 8. It's funny, he never used to wake to either of the big boys, in his opinion they were great night sleepers who never woke, but it's like the 'mummy switch' has been turned on in his head after starting to get up to boys when I was massively pregnant, and now that Austin is in our bed. Any little noise wakes him, as it does me. At least I have someone to share the pain with.

Sounds like my Riordy-boy is awake. More on his little episode at Macca's later...

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