Monday, August 3, 2009

Bed Swapping

Nights are still not Austin's happiest time, so last night I thought I would be tough and resettle him in his hammock instead of bringing him to bed with me. The easiest way to do this, so I could stay in bed while I bounced, and Darren could get some much needed sleep (heard of the expression "bear with a sore head"?), was for me to sleep in Bowen's bed, and he to sleep in mine.

I actually had a good sleep. Austi had a short feed at 10.30, then back in the hammock without a whimper, and then was up at 1.30, or 1am, or something like that. He did not want to go back to sleep in his bouncy bed then. I rocked and rocked, and, after a few false starts where he pretended to be asleep (as he's doing right now while I try to type this) he ended up back in bed, on a boob. We all got some sleep and were much happier for it.

What now? I think I might try it again tonight, if only for the fact that I got a really nice sleep, even though Bowen's bed is like laying a door, it's that hard. My poor hips really felt it this morning. We'll see what happens, but it seems as though this little boy is going to be in bed with Mummy for a bit longer.


3TinLids said...

I say do whatever helps you both get some sleep! He is still so tiny and he will work it out eventually!!


Averil said...

God this brings back memories!!!! The bouncing and bouncing and bouncing of the hammock...

My husband was so sick of bouncing our notorious sleeper back to sleep (or fake sleep LOL) in the Amby that he insisted we do everything in our power NOT to use the hammock for subsequent children.

Funnily enough, I miss that damned hammock so so much now!!!

xx Ave