Friday, August 7, 2009

Break Time

Mum has taken Bowie and Riordan to Bowen's swimming lesson this morning, so I am all alone with my little one.

This is him right now...

Ahh, it happens so infrequently, that he's happily asleep in his hammock, I felt the need to capture it forever on film (well, memory card, and now hard disk). His skin has suddenly cleared up, he's gone from a pimply teenage boy to having a supermodel's skin (well, almost) in just a day or so.

So, without my big boys, do I just sit back and watch TV, or read a book while having a cup of chamomile tea and a homemade Anzac biscuit? Nope! I ate all the biccies, and I have a mountain of washing and ironing to do. When I'm alone is the only time I can get any ironing done. I can happily clean the house when the boys are around, but for some reason they just don't like me ironing. Maybe it's because I like to watch the TV when I do it, and it's never anything that they want to watch. For Bowen, that's anything animated (he's such a TV addict, I honestly don't know when that happened), and for Riordan, it's Thomas the Tank Engine (or "Tomoo" as he calls it).

I just had some good/bad news from Darren. He was supposed to jet off to New Caledonia for work, he was really excited as he had missed out on a trip to Fiji just a few months ago because he had no passport. Now he's all official, and he was ready to leave on Monday. Today he finds out that his work hadn't organised any work visas for he and his workmate, and that they would be going on Tourist Visas. Thankfully he told them he wasn't comfortable doing that (and from what he said, his work dodgied the whole thing up to get the work in the first place by promising the labour fast, when other companies that were approached said it would take months to get the visas) and now he's not going. I'm sad that he misses out on this opportunity, but pleased he's not deserting me and the boys for a couple of weeks. I was happy for him to go, but I'm not sure that I was quite ready to be left alone just yet.

Back to yesterday, and Riordan's McDonald's episode. In hindsight, he was just being a typical toddler (he had a shocking day all around), but at the time it was mortifying. I felt like such a bad mum, and that everyone was just looking at us. We had had such a lovely morning, going to the playground and for a nice walk, but I had promised Bowen I would take him to Macca's for a treat. We got home from the park later than I would have liked, so Riordy was already tired and grumpy, then I had to pack them all away in the car, instead of into bed where I would have liked him to be. They were happy playing, but Bowen wanted his chippies (the only thing he eats there, I don't know why he likes going there so much). Riordan still wanted to play. So they kept playing for a while, Riordan fell over and got a fat lip (nothing unusual there) and when it was finally time to eat, he didn't want to cooperate, at all. I had Austin in his sling, so I couldn't pick him up, and had to try and hang onto his hand to get him inside. Once we were in there, he took off while I was trying to get them to sit down so I could order. I had had enough by then, and grabbed them all and we went home! Actually, I got them a shake and some chippies through Drive Thru on the way (I had promised) and made a mental promise never to venture to McDonald's alone with them again, or to at least strap Riordan to his pram while we are there!

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