Friday, March 5, 2010

Leaving home

The big news this week at the Pearce household is that Austin has moved out. That's right, the 'parents retreat' that he has inhabited since we moved in has been vacated, and he's now happily ensconced in the 4th bedroom.
Austin's sleep has never been particularly good, co-sleeping and constant feeding through the night was very draining for me, and I don't think gave him enough quality sleep. Our stay at Tresillian helped us immensely, but it still seemed like something was missing. Young Austin liked to wake every three hours or so for a feed (and that was an improvement!) and resettling was impossible without disturbing Darren, who has to get up every morning before 6am to climb in the engines of big machines.

It was with a heavy heart that I dismantled the cot last Sunday, I think I could do it in my sleep now, so many times I have moved it or reconfigured it, and trekked up stairs to set it up. Austin's new room is the smallest in the house, but as the smallest person it's a good fit! Since he has been up there, his night waking has gone down to only twice a night, generally a midnight feed and an late, early morning one (if you know what I mean!). I can handle that, I would prefer him to sleep through, of course!

I think that we will have to be at the stage of Baby Led Solids where he is actually eating food, rather than tasting and spitting out, before he will jump to that next stage of sleep. I have no regrets about trying this method of weaning out on him (my little experiment) but it means that the bulk of his calories still comes from breastmilk, and I truly believe that he needs that nourishment at least once a night.
My little koala bear (constantly on Mummy's hip) will have to do without me this weekend, it's the Corinthian Girl's Weekend! This year, probably the last for the company, and definitely the last for me, is at Ettalong Beach, and while the budget is less this year, it's even BYO, it still is a nice, relaxing break from the cooking and cleaning, with only myself to worry about for a change. I still have to express more milk for Austin, I've left it a bit late, but he should have enough to avoid using the dreaded formula. I have vowed that no artificial baby milk will pass my son's lips!

The Wedding

It was such a huge day, I can't believe I haven't written about it earlier!

My baby sister was married last Saturday, nine years after her and Joe got together. I met Darren, got married and had three kids while I was waiting to be a bridesmaid!

The day started early with hair
to be continued...

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