Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Boobie Cake

I've gone and done a couple of things that I never thought I would.

First, I made a cake with breastmilk! I was talking about doing with my friend, Romana, not quite seriously, then I had a bit of a Google and found actual recipes with breastmilk as an ingredient in baking! I ended up just doing a recipe from the NMAA cookbook for a simple orange cake, and substituted the regular milk with boob juice. I haven't made the cake before, so I don't know what it's like with cow's milk, but it's OK with breastmilk.

I really thought it would be some magic ingredient that would turn an ordinary recipe into something truly special, but it's more like using skim milk. It doesn't taste any different, as far as I can tell, but maybe it will have special powers or something and never go off?

I feel really subversive doing it. The boys think that any cake is great, especially one with icing, but Darren doesn't really like cake so he's not going to give it a second glance. Oh well, more goodness for me!

My next milky recipe will be some savoury pikelets for Austin, he always appreciates my cooking.


I did something last night I thought I never would. I became a 'joiner'. I am now on the Parent Committee at Bowen's preschool. I just felt so sorry for them, the meeting had already been cancelled once due to lack of interest, and it's not that much work. It's only a tiny preschool, but it's one that I plan on sending all the boys to, and I'll get to meet some other mums and get involved a bit more.

As it's Darren's nightshift week, I had to take the three boys with me last night. I thought there would be other kids, but they were the only ones! They had a great time playing with Miss Bev for two hours, although I felt very guilty for making her come just for us.

Samantha Pearce: Full-time mother, part-time student, casual worker. Exhausted.

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