Friday, March 19, 2010

All about Austin

My gorgeous baby boy just keeps on getting cuter. He has these big blue eyes that I just want to dive into, and a happy, open face that conveys all his emotions. He just makes my boobies leak!
Austin is going really well at the moment. He is doing his own version of crawling, there's not much leg involvement, he kind of pulls himself along with his arms. Occasionally he'll get up on his knees, but he gets where he wants to go, fast, usually his froggy-style, and he's not changing in a hurry! He's also started trying to pull himself up on the stairs. He'll put his arms on the bottom step, straighten his legs and then... not much. He'll hover there while he tries to work out what to do next, and usually just tumbles over. He loves to sit and play with his toys, and can from sitting to crawling, although I am yet to witness that. I turn around and his shuffling away!
He's a fruit maniac. I've persisted with the Baby Led Solids, for all the mess that it entails. His favourite foods are fruit, but I can spread anything on a cruskit and he'll munch the whole thing down. He has a great pincher grip, I cut up grapes into quarters and you can hardly see his hands moving as he shoves them all into his face! Austin is still a boob maniac, having about 5 feeds a day. He's very easily distracted, which means I can't watch TV, or read while I am feeding him. He demands total attention, typical male.
Sleep is improving. He's got a cold at the moment, with copious amounts of snot, so he's upped his feeds a little, but on the whole he's only getting up once a night, around 4am. It's a big change, although I am very sick of going up the stairs in the middle of the night! Going into his own room as made the world of difference, it's noisy and I play music, and the background noise helps immensely.

With a baby this cute, how can not think about having another?

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