Monday, February 8, 2010

Scratching the itch

I'm such a sucker. I've been really slack at following all my favourite blogs, but I just went and had a sneaky peak Averil's and all it made me want to do is write in my own...

I've gone out and gotten myself a job, bizaarely enough. I have no intention of going back to my old work. I'm afraid the doors will have to count themselves in the future. I've enrolled in my conveyancing course, and it starts at the end of the month. I'm a bit nervous about it, and how I'm going to fit it all in. My new job (although I hardly think it could be called that!) is working at game days at CUA stadium, home ground of the Penrith Panthers. I was just looking for something that would get me out and earning some 'flash cash' to put towards all the renovations we want to do around here, and 'Merchandise Attendent' seemed to fit the bill. It's only every fortnight or so, so it's not like every weekend is going to be consumed with work, and quite a few of the games are at night, so there isn't any need to rely on anyone else for childcare.

I also think I've found Riordan a preschool to attend one day a week. The boys are a little like twins at the moment, neither of them knows a life without the other, and miss each other desperately when they aren't together. We started Playgym last week, which my little man took to straight away, but I really think that he needs the chance to interact with other kids without Mummy or Bowen around. I'll have a look around tomorrow and if I like the looks of it I'll pick up an application form.

Toilet training is coming along so well. Today Riordy had his first poo accident for days. He's pulling down his own pants when he wants to go, and then pulls them right back up again! I still remind him if it's been a while, and I think I'll be doing that for some time yet, but something in his brain jus clicked over the past week or so. Even though he's been able to wee when he wants for months and months, before Austin was even born, it's like he's only just started to recognise when he needs to go.

Austin has passed the seven month mark. He's started to crawl, if you could call it that. He does all his baby yoga, plenty of downward dog action and some squats, but the way he actually propels himself forward is so different to his brothers. They both started going backwards first, then gradually, at around 8 months, started properly cross-crawling. Austin kind of throws himself forwards. Imagine a frog, swimming in a creek. Their arms stretch forwards, and their legs come up behind them, kind of in a breaststroke. Replace the frog with a soft, gooey little boy and the creek with some pretty tragic carpet (which I obviously didn't pick) and you might get the idea. It's hilarious, and I've taken plenty of video of it.

Bowen must have needed some alone time last week. The stresses of being an older brother obviously had gotten to him. Thursdays are the boy's usual sleep over night at Nanny's. Friday nights usually see one of them stay over, and this week it was Riordan who desperately wanted to be home with Mummy. Bowen usually can't stay away from me for much longer, so I was expecting him home all day Saturday, but no, he wanted to stay at Big Nanny's still. Even Sunday, when he should have been pining for Mummy, he chose to go grocery shopping with Mum and Nan over coming home! Even then he was asking if Mum was going to work the next day (his little code for asking to stay over) and acting all disappointed when Mum said she was! I have to admit, I felt a little put out that he didn't want to be at home, but I can understand how nice it would have been to have all the attention aimed squarely at him. Maybe I should ask for a sleep over this Thursday...

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