Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Aftermath

Preschool went really well. Riordan had a great day, chatted lots to the parents dropping kids off and to the teachers, played lots (apparently "you can tell he's got an older brother"!) and generally fit right in. I was expecting him to dissolve into a puddle of tears when I picked him up, as Bowen used to do no matter how good of a day he had had, but Riordy didn't want to leave! He was very content playing in the tub of rice and weird, grainy looking blue stuff. Which he promptly spilled on the floor in his eagerness to show us.

I had wanted to do some groceries before I picked up my boy, as doing most things with only two little men is usually much easier, especially when one is strapped to my chest. Bowen just really, really wanted to see his little brother, so we grabbed him first. Big mistake. The crying that would have been the result of saying no to Bowie would have been much easier to cope with. They ran riot. The combination of over-tiredness (Riord wouldn't have a sleep at school, the only low point of his day), excitement in seeing his brother and the amazing acoustics (to a two year old) of the shopping centre resulted in them running wild, in a way that they normally never do. I was pretty embarrassed, all the reverse psychology in the world didn't work, and all my efforts to contain them were hampered by Austin hanging, albeit serenely, off my chest! We eventually bought the two essential things that I came in for, and got the flock out of there.

Things didn't improve at home. Riordan was past the point of tiredness that lets you sits quietly; he was manic. The fights and dramas eventually culminated in him weeing, yes, weeing, on the doors that lead downstairs. I hit the roof, took him upstairs for a bath, and gave him one more chance to behave (because I am really a sucker for his long-lashed eyes). He quietly sat on the lounge, watching some drivel on the TV just to calm down. Things got very quiet, and I went for a peep to discover this...

He was absolutely exhausted, and it was only 5.45pm! That's what a big day of playing will do to you. I just left him, knowing that he would probably not surface again. He did stir, and came and sat on my lap for another sook. He flopped to the floor in a huff, got very quiet again and this is how he ended up.

Hmm, love that big stain on the carpet. It's dishwashing liquid, that Riordan helpfully poured all over it. You wouldn't think that something that cleans would stain, would you?

He went to bed for good after that, and didn't surface again until 8 this morning.
Now we get to do it all again next Wednesday!

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