Monday, February 22, 2010

Musical Beds

Now that my boys have their own little 'manland' upstairs, containing their bedrooms and very own bathroom (which I still have to clean, so somehow not everyone won with that little arrangement!), every night seems to involve some kind of musical beds.

Riordan changes his mind every sleep. Top bunk, bottom bunk, back to the top. I just ask him now as our pre-bedtime routine. Bowen sometimes enjoys a sleepover in Riordan's room, when he's not luxuriating in his queen size bed, replete with Crusty Demons doona cover. (He's such a man about sleeping in it too. When I sleep in a big bed by myself, I stay on the edge, neatly tucked beneath the blankets. I barely have to make it. When Darren, or either of the boys, sleep in a bed it's straight to the middle, covers pushed to the side or bunched up in the centre, with everything looking like a bomb has hit it in the morning). Just to complicate things further, when Bowen had his extended sleep over at Big Nan's the other week, Riordan slept in his bed!

I'm hoping one day that Austin and Riordan will want to share a room, and that we can turn the 4th bedroom into a study, or storeroom. It's smaller than the others, with no built-in, and I just know that who ever has to sleep in there will think they have the short end of the stick!

We get the house raised back up and stabilised tomorrow, which means that I can start planning the decorating of the boys rooms. I'm thinking really bright citrus colours. I'm not sure about the trim, we have stained timber, but I'm not sure if I want to keep it or not. I change my mind every day. I definitely want new doors (and have to sort that out before I resign from work, *wink wink*) and new carpart, and new built-ins. I'm quite excited about the project, perhaps not the painting itself, but the finished products!

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