Friday, January 29, 2010

Back to the Blogosphere!

It's been a really long time, so I'll do a short post today, just to get my toes wet. I never plunge straight into anything!

It's been five weeks since we've moved into the new house, but we've only had an internet connection for two of those. After many phone calls, and two visits from a friend who used to be a Telstra technician, we worked out that it was the new cordless phone, sucking all the power out of the line. Enter one filter and we have the World Wide Web back at our fingertips!

All I seem to have done in the past couple of weeks is chase tradies. Fences, electricians, foundation repairs, screens... it's all slowly coming together, and, fingers crossed, we should have most of the big stuff sorted out, or at least booked in and confirmed, in the next month.

The boys are loving their new house. So much more space for them to run around, and they disappear for hours in the overgrown garden, playing in the dirt, looking for 'creatures', moving sawdust and rocks from one place to another. We've had a few tumbles. I was bathing Austin one night and I heard Darren call my name out. He knew where I was, and I couldn't leave the baby, so I didn't worry too much about it. Next thing I hear him thumping through the house, a howling Riordan in his arms. They came into the bathroom and, to my shock, Riordan had rivers of blood running down his chest. Thankfully, it looked much worse than what it actually was, and after a rinse it had even stopped bleeding, so there was no trip to casualty that night. There's also been plenty of bruises and bark off knees, they both look just like rough and tumble little boys!

Austin is a little gem. He's the happiest baby I have ever seen. He'll just sit serenely and engage with everyone, I love taking him out because I lose count of all the compliments I get about him. My only explanation for his chilled out personality is having two older brothers, he doesn't have the chance to get upset! He's a far cry from the grumpy little man I thought he would turn out to be, he underwent a big change somewhere along the line and turned out perfect!
We've been doing Baby Led Weaning (but I like to call it Baby Led Solids as it takes away the breastfeeding connotation). It's been going fantastically. Austin will try anything, and absolutely loves mango, hummus, watermelon, sweet potato and chicken. I have no idea how much he is eating. His poos have changed, so I know that something is getting down even though it looks like all the food ends up on the floor. Here is Austin having some chicken schnitzel.

Mmm, hummus...

And number one favourite, mango.


Averil said...

HOLY DOOLEY you make beautiful boys!!!!!!

Honestly, those boys of yours are DREAMY.

*locking up her daughters*

xx Ave

Penny said...

I agree with god Sam your boys are such spunks!!!

*throwing Frankie in the same cell as Rory and Elle and throwing away the key!*


Samantha said...

Aww, shucks. Thanks guys. I always say, "If you're going to do something, do it well!"


I think we can safely assume we all have the most beautiful children on the planet.