Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Needles - Yuck

Poor Muffin had his first needles yesterday. We had a good morning, he got all dressed up in his first big boy outfit (a little singlet and some boardies) and we had a pleasant walk around to the chemist for our fornightly weigh in and chat (he put on 700 grams) and then came home for a sleep and a feed and then another sleep and then it was time... I had to wake the poor little bear up to go (which I hate doing) but he was all happy and unsuspecting, and after a short wait at the doctors (they had some new mags though, well, they were from last November but at least that's an update from 2004 ones there previously) we went in.

He had to have two needles, which was a surprise to me, and my baby boy just screamed when they went in. I felt so terrible, not so much about the crying, cause I am kind of immune to it now, but because I couldn't protect him from the pain. He was fine after a quick leg rub, and we went home and had a feed and everything seemed good. Until 6.30. Then the screaming monster came out and couldn't be consoled. Daddy was sent around to the chemist for some baby Panadol, just in case the needle site was sore or something, but it was 3 hours later, and many false starts, before he settled down and fell asleep. I was expecting a really restless night, but to my surprise he slept until 4.30 this morning.

I have a love/hate relationship with those nights, and they do seem to be becoming more frequent (touch wood!). I love the uninterrupted sleep, but I hate the humungous, leaking, sore boobs that arise from it. They were so big that he was full after just one side, so I had to stumble around the kitchen cleaning and steralising the breast pump so I could get a bit of relief.

I have started putting my little precious in bed with me after DH goes to work. He seems to get unsettled when the sun comes up, but calms down when we sleep together. We both get a bit of a sleep in too! A well rested mummy is a happy mummy! biggrin.gif

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