Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Lovin' my boys

I am just loving being a mummy at the moment. My boys could honestly not get any cuter. Everyday they are each learning new things, and amaze me more and more.

Bowen has been an angel this week (all two days of it) and constantly surprising me with the things he is saying and doing. We were cooking rock cakes yesterday morning and he spilt some flour on the floor. He hopped off his chair, made me get the dust pan and broom and he swept it all up! He's a neat freak, who knows where he gets it from. He notices little things that I never thought he would, corrects me when I am doing something wrong and has so many words even I am shocked when he comes out with a new one.

Riordan is just, for the most part, a dream baby. He puts himself to sleep with little or no fuss, is happy and smiley when he's awake and talks to himself like it's going out of fashion. Admittedly, he hasn't been himself these past few days, his sleeping through the night has been a little off, and while I am tempted to pass it off as a 'growth spurt', the all encompassing excuse for any of his 'off' behaviour, I took him to get Bowen Therapy today (not to be confused with Bowen, his brother! :D ). He was fine throughout it, a bit grizzly since he was starving hungry, but he came home and had a very big sleep for that time of day. Apparently it takes about a day for things to 'line up' again, but hopefully he will have his mojo back soon.

With babies as beautiful as this, I can't wait to have the next one!

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