Friday, February 3, 2006

I am slightly obsessed

I think I am slightly obsessed with Bec Hewitt and baby Mia. Not that I am a stalker or anything, I don't want to be her but we were pregnant at the same time and it is just interesting to see what her baby looks like and how she is recovering and stuff. I have to say that I am quite disappointed in Woman's Day though, I bought a copy this week and they didn't even have new photos (wow, I really do have problems). They did have some piccies of Jen and Ben (also pregnant together) and Rod and Penny (ditto). I am proud to say that they both have my pram (go Bugaboo), I always told DH that it was the famous person's pram. They probably don't have their baby sleeping in the basinette though! I just love pregnant celebrities, ever since I started thinking about having a family it feels like every second Hollywood star is have babies!

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