Wednesday, June 10, 2009

To Train, or not to Train

I have a dilemma.

Riordan is 20 months and 1 week old, and showing all the signs of wanting to toilet train! He lets us know when he's done a poo (OK, so it's after the fact, but he's not oblivious to soiling himself) and can wee on command. He's not sure whether he wants to wee standing up or sitting down at this point, we get a bit of both, but he has the bladder control to push one out.

I just don't know whether it's too soon. He's so little (he struggles to fit on Bowen's potty, his legs almost dangle down!), doesn't say much yet and #3 is due in less than 3 weeks now. Will I actually have the time? I don't know whether I will be able to get out of the house with the majority of my children dressed for Preschool at 9am, let alone try and get my little man to drop the nappies.

Should I just keep going with the before bath potty time, and when I get the chance to crank the heater and let him run around with no pants on? To be honest, if it was warmer (it's currently about -20 in Sydney at the moment, not exactly conducive to going bullocks in order to have free access to the potty) I would have no hesitation in giving it a red hot go, simply because there wouldn't be as much cleaning for me! Right now, when we have nappy free time, I'm constanting with paper towel and Pine O' Clean in hand, cleaning up after him. That's another thing, he'll go when he's asked, but doesn't really know to go himself.

Mum thinks I should go the Pull Ups route, which I am considering teamed with some baby leg warmers to keep him a bit exposed for easy access but still warm, or maybe I should read up on Elimination Communication and use that method since he is so young? But then there is the time factor again...

I didn't think I would have to worry about this for months yet!

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