Thursday, May 28, 2009

Four days in...

So here I am, four days in to my return to SAHM-hood. The house is blissfully quiet, relatively quiet and I am blogging... that's right, the boys aren't here!

Mum just came and got them for the first time this week. Things have actually been going quite well. The fighting is still unbelievable, I feel more like a referee than a mother sometimes, but there have been plenty of nice things to make up for it. Yesterday Riordan even had a three hour sleep, so with Bowen at pre-school, I had lots of time to recharge and catch up with all the Mediums I had on tape.

We are starting to get into our groove now, initially the boys were too scared to look away from me lest I disappear back to work, but they happily went with Nan today (who is also missing them now she's back at work). I'm remembering the pre-school routine (Bowen only cried on Tuesday when I left him, by yesterday he realised I was coming back), all the years of swimming lessons I've attended have flooded back after one session (not that I enjoy them any more than I ever did, no sooner will Riordan be in the pool by himself then I'll have to get back in there with Mini Muffin, worse luck) and we're getting a really good bedtime routine happening again.

I am a bit scared, I'm being left to my own devices next week. Darren is going on a week long course in Queensland. I have no worries about the baby (this one's not coming out any sooner than the other two) but all week long hearing,

"Is Daddy home? When's he getting home? Where is he? Where's QLD? Can I got to QLD? Why not? Why? Why?" from Bowen, and;

"Dad-dy! DAD-DY!!!!!" from Riordan is going to drive me insane!

I do have some secret pleasures to look forward to... lots of parcels in the mail! I did a bit of internet shopping on Friday night, and a bit more this week, so I've received 2 parcels so far, with another 3 to come! I bought some nappies from the EB trading rooms, an Epi-no (which I still have to wait a week or so to start using, according to the box), some Pramskins for the double MB, some nappy covers from Baby Beehinds (they seem to be the only ones that don't give Riordy-boy a mark on his legs) and some wool covers from EB. Phew! It's so exciting opening them, it's like Christmas! Especially as you don't know exactly when they are coming...

I'm nesting like a maniac, things that I've been waiting to tidy up for nine months are finally getting attended to. This afternoon I have to get into Riordan's room and clean out the too small clothes from his chest of drawers (I somehow have to cram all the boy's clothes into one tall boy and two bedside tables, easier said than done) and then prepare to get rid of the lounge so I can really get into that room. I'm actually looking forward to it! As soon as I have my hot chocolate, and watch the Spicks and Specks I taped last night...

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