Friday, May 22, 2009

All over!

So, this is it.

My last day at work before baby number three comes into our lives.

I am filled with nervous anticipation. On one hand, I am looking forward to the rest, to be able to get my energy back (is is possible to bank energy? Note to self: Investigate possibility) and get my life and house organised. On the other hand, in my mind's eye I can just see five, probably six, weeks stretching out in front of me that I have to fill. What on earth do I do with my children? It's been nine months since I've had to fill in the days with them, and I'm quite anxious about it. What did we used to do? Somehow I don't think they will be quite as excited about cleaning out their chests of drawers as I am. I'm going to have to ask Mum for tips...

Speaking of Mum, it looks like she'll be going back to work! Her old manager has been ringing her for a couple of months now, trying to coerce her into coming back. He called her again yesterday, the day before I finish work, to ask if she would like to come back part time, making her own hours. Talk about timing! Mum has even been recently looking the local papers to see if there was any part time work around. She is the sort of person that likes to be doing something, finding a hobby and sitting around the house while I have the kids is not something that would keep her interested. She still wants to have the boys on a regular basis, and hopefully she can work around this. I'm thrilled for her, it all seems to be working out well.

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