Monday, May 11, 2009

calmbirth Classes

After much anticipation, my calmbirth (with a little 'c', not just a typo) classes were last weekend.

I was so looking forward to them. I wanted to get some new birthing techniques to get me through labour with no drugs. I was so close last time, and I just want to be all 'there' for this one.

Darren was less than excited.

"Why do we need to go to classes when we've already had two kids?"

He was even less thrilled when I told him that a big proportion of the classes was learning to breathe and meditate.

"I have to pay money to learn to breathe?"

So it was with great reluctance that he was dragged (well, obviously not literally dragged. He does weigh 40kgs more than me. OK, 25kgs at the moment, I am 'blooming' in this pregnancy LOL) to the Blue Mountains on this sunny Saturday.

There was only one other couple (happily, less pregnant than me. I always get extremely jealous of women having their babies before me) which was really nice as we got quite a lot of focused attention from Denise, the instructor. The others had come all the way from Mudgee, which impressed Daz a bit, and made him realise these classes are so well-regarded. Denise also recognised Darren's annoyance at having to come, justifying the way that he felt, which helped him a lot.

The day passed in a haze of breathing, meditating, a couple of videos, including one that made me sob (anything to do with newborns, or breastfeeding, especially while I'm pregnant, gets me every time). I went home with a massive headache (so much for being relaxed), but we were running early, which pleased both of us; Darren felt like his whole weekend wasn't 'wasted', and I got to do the groceries (I was stressing out wondering when I would find the time to get them done!).

I was mentally exhausted after my day, but Daz reckoned he wouldn't be able to sleep after spending all day sitting around breathing. We were both in bed, absolutely shattered, by 9pm!
Darren wasn't quite as hard to get to come on the Sunday. I was really looking forward to it, we were going to talk about more practical things like the actual labour and delivery, and it was here that all my experience could come to the fore.

Caesarean section?

Yep, had one of those!

Natural birth?

Yep, had one of those!

Drugs, anyone?

I've tried a few, but I'm here to avoid them!

We met the two other couples who would be joining us for the day (damn! One girl was 37 weeks! At least I should have my baby second...), did a bit more meditation, watched some amazing movies, including one birth video shot by a still camera, set to music. It was just the most beautiful thing. The baby-led attachment video also blew my mind. A minutes old baby can instinctively find the breast, and start feeding with perfect attachment. It's just all built in to them.

I took a lot away from the weekend, and I think Darren did too. I've still got to practise my breathing and use the CD's all the way up until the baby is born, but I already feel like I could have the baby tomorrow and remember everything.

I actually can't wait for my labour to begin!

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