Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Congratulations, you are now a foetus

10 weeks, and the embryo can be called a foetus now!

I still feel like poo, some days are better than others and I am eating mostly normal food.  Fruit is a big turn off, and I used to adore it. 

I am so grateful that it is school holidays, instead of frantically running around trying to make it to all our obligations on time, I can stay in bed, read my books and generally move at a slower pace.  Then, when school goes back, I should be back to normal (see, I planned it exactly this way on purpose!).  That's the theory.

The important appointments are made, 30th January for my NT scan, and 20th of February for my hospital booking in visit.

Ooh, I've also cut my hair and adore it!  I thought I would miss my long blonde locks, but the endless attacks from the GHD had done irreparable damage, and it was best for all concerned that I just lop it off.  It came out shorter than I had anticipated, but it's so healthy and I doesn't even need straightening.  It comes to about my shoulder blades.  I'm super happy with it.  I also ditched the pink-dipped blonde for a more natural colour.  Much more me.

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Penelope said...

Oh my god! Congratulations!! Missed your blog so make sure you keep it updated with everything about bub # 4!! How exciting!!