Thursday, December 15, 2011

Start spreading the news...

So, we've told a few people about Sprout. 

Romana was first (don't tell Darren, although I doubt he'd be surprised!).  I send her an MMS as soon as I'd done the first two tests.  I could barely type the message, I was so in shock.

Darren was next.  His succinct response, as previously noted, was "Bullshit". 

I told Mum the following day.  I think she's been the one who's been the most shocked.  I showed her the pregnancy test, and she immediately started rambling about moving away.  I left the idea with her (and the boys, great timing but we had to go to a Christmas party) and she's definitely coming around now.  I wouldn't be surprised if she hasn't already purchased #4's Chrissy pressies for next year and has them tucked in the toy cupboard.

Darren blabbed to his mate at the Christmas party.  I don't mind, there was some awkward conversation about alcoholic drinks, and as Daz had already imbibed several himself, the news came out. 

I told my sister yesterday.  Carrie came over to get Austin's (and Bowen's and Riordan's) old cot to take to mum's (she doesn't like the one there) and I told her I'd be needing it back next year!  She was shocked (I'm sensing a common theme here) but is cool with it.  There'll be just 14 months difference between Sprout and Jordan.


I've had my blood test, confirming that I am indeed 5-6 weeks preggo.  I have an ultrasound booked for next Tuesday to get some dates.  I am predicting the 10th of August, with the baby born on the 18th.  I would love it to happen on the 16th, that will be my nan's 94th birthday.

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