Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Boring Life

I heard on the radio this morning that SBS is looking for a family to follow around for 3 months, a kind of "Sylvania Waters"-type reality show.

My first thought was, "We could do that!"

My next thought was, "Oh, God, I'd have to keep the house tidy all the time if there were cameras around."

My next thought was, "Wait! Our life is soooo boring even my mum wouldn't tune in to watch!"

I lead a blessedly boring life. A typical day would see me waking too late, tearing around trying to feed and dress three children, hang washing out, do dishes and try and turn myself into something presentable enough to go out in public, then making various child-related car trips, or walks, and then sitting in front of the computer doing uni work (or blebbing around on Facebook, more likely). The afternoons are filled with more little-boy chaos, and then a night sitting, exhausted, watching a tiny bit of TV before going to bed and waiting for it all to start again. A point of interest might be my continuing night calls for Austin (he just doesn't seem to think that he can go a whole night without some delicious breastmilk), with me stumbling up the stairs at 5am for a feed.

There are no dramas. The only tears come from over-tired children. There is no intrigue. The only mystery of our lives is where do all Bowen and Riordan's shoes go? We buy them heaps and they are never to be found.

I am grateful that we are so mundane. I read about too many sick children, or families with tragic stories, and say thanks everyday that we are not part of their number.

When they need a TV show made about an everyday family, doing very everyday things, we're available!

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