Thursday, May 27, 2010


Had some funny moments today.

From Bowen:

"Riordan, Mum's got her boobies out! Come and look!"
I was just getting dressed! I don't often roam about the house topless. I don't know what the big excitement was, they see them all the time. They used to drink from them!

Austin's also found his doodle! He was in the bath this afternoon (yes, this afternoon, he'd had about fourteen changes of clothes today, and it was cold, so I thought I may as well just put his jammies on him) and there it was. He was having a bit of a fiddle, then it was forgotten. As I was dressing him after, he was sitting on the change table, and I could see the light in his brain switch on as he remembered it, and he went for it again. He found his foot instead, realised it was the wrong thing to play with and kept searching, only to be rewarded with a little fondle.

Ahh, doodles, so many of them in this house!

I also got a peak at Riordan's photo's from the agency today:

I've kept this a bit hush hush, but we've signed Riordan up with an agency (very reputable, nothing starting with a 'B') and now I'm just waiting for him to pay off our mortgage in the next year or so. He's had one casting already, and he wasn't the most compliant child, but he looked gorgeous, in my humble opinion anyway!

Study awaits me! I feel a bit cold-ish. If I go into this exam with a brain fog I'll be mightily annoyed!


Penelope said...

God he is just the cutest kid in the world! I bet he'll get heaps of jobs - how could they resist him?!!

Yep lots of doodles around here too and Luca only just discovered his in the bath the other night. He now doesn't need any bath toys!!

Averil said...

Agree totally with Pen - he is ADORABLE!!!! You ARE going to make millions Sam.

I call it gorgeous middle child syndrome.

I wish we had another doodle round this house...;-)