Monday, October 19, 2009

Today's weigh in

This morning I was 57.4kgs.

Not too bad, although I can't see where it is all going. I still have the love handles I can't shake, and my jeans don't fit, although, with some 'suck 'em in' undies on I can get my skinny jeans on. I can't sit or move comfortably, but I can get them on!

I think that the excess around my middle will take time to go, no matter what I weigh. I guess that is where I stored all my pregnancy baggage.

I'm still trying to walk a bit, and now that the house is ready to go for sale, and Bowen is back at preschool, I should be able to fit more in.

Over and out,

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Averil said...

Well done on the weight loss gorgeous girl!

And congrats on the house - that's really thrilling news!

xx Ave