Monday, July 20, 2009

Where we're at...

I barely have time to wash my hair at the moment, let lone get a chance to blog, so I had better make the most of the big boys being out working with Daddy to do a quick update.

Austin is going really well. Third child apathy is really kicking in, I haven't even rung the community nurse yet to book a home visit. I am dying to see if he's put on weight (that urge doesn't diminish with each child) so I might have to walk around to the chemist and pop him quickly on the scales.

He's feeding like a demon (as she types with one hand, guess what I'm doing right now?), only pooing about once a day which makes for some doosies to clean up, sleeping OK and charming everyone he comes across.

Sleep went a bit haywire there for a moment, he went from worrying me by sleeping for hours, only emerging for a feed before he'd drift off to the Land of Nod again, to deciding sleep was for the weak and he'd rather not do it all, thanks for the offer though. He managed two wonderful day sleeps in the hammock yesterday, after being rocked to sleep in it. The first time took a while, but the second sleep he did almost all be himself, and I even got to eat dinner with two hands, without a baby attached to me!

Nights have been fairly consistent, up every three hours or so for a 40 minute feed (makes me yawn just typing it), but the past couple of nights has seen him want to comfort feed only an hour or so after his 3am jobbie. I know it's only for comfort, as soon as he gets a let down he freaks out and starts crying. To try and solve this, I broke the rule I made after Bowen was born; that's right, I bought a dummy for him. Both the boys tested it out last night for him (Bowen is still the dummy addict when he gets a chance, even though he hasn't had one for a year) and when he woke at 5am grizzling, I pulled it out of my PJ pocket and after a few false starts he was happily sucking away until his 6am feed, when he actually wanted something coming out!

I'm also enjoying these long feeds through the day, using them to catch up on my reading. Since I was the last person in the world to have read the Twilight series, I am now proud to say I am up to book 3, and I even watched the movie on Saturday. I preferred the book. I'm also really into Mad Men, I bought the DVD series to watch in hospital, and am hooked.

Here are a couple more photos of my new boy...

Grr, can I edit them in here? Will try again another time, you get the idea!
It's bath time now, can you hear the crying already? I think he's the only baby in the world who doesn't like being bathed.

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