Friday, July 3, 2009


***Big sigh***

Still sitting here, very pregnant and none too happy about it.

Pink obviously didn't do the trick, although she was amazing. Such an athlete, I found myself envying her energy the whole time. The baby hated it, he did nothing but wiggle and squirm and generally make my life uncomfortable. Maybe his continued gestation is my punishment...

I'm still getting bloody mucous, obviously I am very slowly dilating. My OB appointment on Wednesday showed that I was about 2cm dilated, with bulging membranes, but I was in the exact same boat with Bowen at the exact same dates, and he turned out to be my breech post-dates bubba. I can tell #3 is anterior now, my lumpy belly is clearly defined by his back, and he is so far down that I can't believe he just doesn't fall out. I've made an appointment for another acupuncture session tomorrow, if that doesn't get the baby out at 8 days overdue, I will lose all faith in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Here is me and my bulging abdomen...

Hmm, I don't look particularly happy... that's no coincidence. Darren just rang and I had a sob on the phone to him!

Here are the boys in the bath to make me feel better.


Averil said...

You look beautiful Sam!! I always pictured you with dark hair, but you're a stunning blonde!

And those boys of yours are GORGEOUS!!!!! A bath full of handsome right there.

That's a sensational looking belly. You're all belly!!

Sending you waters popping vibes! Pop pop pop!

xx Ave

Penny said...

Am just stalking you to see if there is any news...waiting...waiting...

I also pictured you with dark hair aswell!!

You look really do.

I hope you are cuddling your gorgeous little boy now and I can't wait to hear all the details!!

Anonymous said...


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