Thursday, August 5, 2010

13 months and counting...

Austin John is 13 months old today, and still breastfeeding like a fiend. I had wondered how I would feel about feeding an 'older' baby, as Bowen and Riordan were weaned by now, and I was pregnant with the next one already! He adores feeding, although we have to pretty much stick to feeding in his bedroom or there are just too many interesting things to look at and distract him in the wide open world. I love our quiet times, just sitting and listening to the radio, his constant companion during sleep, and feeling him slowly relax in my arms ready to drift off.

Sleep for my 13 month old is still as crappy as ever. Austin wakes once a night, and only a boob will satisfy him. We did have two nights in a row of sleeping through and, of course, I thought he was cured, only to have the 3am snack request made the following night. I'm sort of hoping that his week with Big Nan, sans nipple, will see him kick the habit.

Austin is not walking, nor has any desire to. My big boys both had started by about now, but Austi is lagging behind. I'm happy for my baby to remain a baby for as long as he wants though! I'm not ready for him to be a toddler yet! He stands, and reaches to grab anything his pudgy little hands will let him, so he causes enough menace without the need to be a biped.

He still has the same laid-back personality that he's had most of his life. Not much annoys him, apart from Riordan. We can't wait for the day that he fights back when Riordan goes on the attack! Riordan is fiercely jealous of Austin most of the time, and while he loves him, he is finding it hard to establish his place in the family. Even Bowen is not coping exceptionally well with Austin growing up and becoming more of a 'person'. I have to sit and explain that he is only a baby, and doesn't necessarily mean it when tears one of Bowen's precious catalogues.

Austin is also forward facing in the car now! We made the switch last Saturday. He doesn't seem particularly fazed, he's happy either way, but it's nice to see his smiling face when I look in the rear-view mirror.

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