Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Out Damn Snot!

As I type this, I sit waiting impatiently for any news on my dear friend Romana's birth. The last message I got from her was that she was heading into hospital, so I am hoping that she is holding her new bundle already, or at least in the full throes of labour! I am beside myself with excitement, I can't wait to hear all the details.

I can't help but remember, as I listen for the text message, that 12 months ago it was me keeping people in suspense. My little Austin is almost 12 months. His first year has just passed by at warp speed.

The poor little soldier is also sick again. He is constantly getting upper respiratory tract infection. He has a sky-high temperature right now, and it's a measure of how sick he is that he let me feed him in front of the TV just before his last nap, and not sequestered in the darkness of his room, away from all distraction. I may have to do a bed shuffle tonight so I can sleep next to my precious boy and keep my eye on him.

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